A cowboy at heart

Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor
Thursday, August 2, 2018
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It was late September and we were gathering cattle from the top of the Big Horns. The 20 guests joining us were welcomed to our Lake Creek Cow Camp by a foot of fresh snow. The first morning, each cowboy took a couple guests and scattered through the high country searching for cows.

Renee and Gabe, a mother-daughter duo from North Carolina, followed me up Lick Creek. It was deathly calm, and the fresh snow muffled each hoof strike making it feel as if we were floating across the mountainside. Above timberline, we stopped and rested our horses until the early morning sun finally broke through exposing the rims on the far side of the canyon.

As the steam from our ponies gently rose around us, Renee whispered, “Do you realize how skinny psyche. Being the first to get the gate, doing what is right – especially when no one is looking – firmly shaking a man’s hand, tipping your hat to a lady and leaving things you borrowed in better blessed you are that this is your life?”

I smiled and thought, “Yes I do. Got myself a good woman at home and God made me a Wyoming cowboy.”

Here is what I meant. My father had me and my brothers chasing cows when we were old enough to hold the reins and he pounded cowboy etiquette into our shape than you found them were daily bullet points.

My upbringing was not unique, as being a cowboy is more how you live your life than how you make your living and there are cowboys who are truckers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians. It’s what’s in your heart that counts and today, the cowboy epitomizes the American spirit. However, leftists hate the icon as much as they hate our country – here is proof.

The University of Wyoming, home of the Cowboys, recently adopted the slogan “The World Needs More Cowboys.” They are right. However, in today’s era of snowflakes, safe spaces and government speak, politically correct faculty members shrieked the new slogan excludes women, people of color and Native Americans.

Mind you, this hysteria came from the co-chair of the discriminatory 60-member Committee on Women and People of Color. These folks are helpless city kids and will never get it, so attention students: Unless your degree significantly strengthens your position in the marketplace, you are wasting your money paying leftist professors to indoctrinate you on the joys of collectivism.

As John Wayne said, it might be time to “throw the coffee on the fire and ride on.”

Laurel resident Krayton Kerns, DVM, is a veterinarian and former Montana State representative for District No. 58. His column, “Ramblings of a Conservative Cow Doctor,” appears weekly in the Laurel Outlook.