Community welcomes new school superintendent with open house

Thursday, September 13, 2018
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Photo by Andrew Turck

Superintendent of Schools “Chad” Johnson works at his computer Tuesday afternoon during an open house in the Hardin District Office. Johnson, an experienced facilitator, is looking forward to bridging his accomplishments with his new role.

Eldon “Chad” Johnson was introduced as the new school superintendent Tuesday afternoon at an open house held by Hardin School District 17H & 1. He actually has been hired for about 10 weeks now, but has been busy getting through the first days of school.

Johnson, who had been working in his hometown for the past nine years, came to Hardin because he felt it was time that he moved on to something new.

“I’ve probably exceeded the expectancy of a superintendent in a small school by about six years,” he said, referring to his time at Twin Bridges, Fromberg, and Melstone Public Schools.

“I think you just get to a point where you feel you’ve accomplished what you can accomplish, and it’s time to see if you can take your knowledge and expertise and start building something better elsewhere.”

According to Johnson, in his previous position, he served as transportation director and title director, as well as superintendent.

“Oftentimes, I was the custodian as well as head of maintenance,” he said. “Here, you have people, great people, who are in those roles and sometimes you need to just step back.”

By the same token, Johnson doesn’t want to focus on some things and forget others completely. He cites one of his biggest challenges as not forgetting certain individuals.

“Whether it’s your leadership team or whatever it happens to be,” he said, “it’s more than me and just one other person. There could be six to 10 people involved and that’s the one thing I’ve got to remind myself every day.”