City of Hardin discusses alley tires

Nacoma Jefferson
Thursday, January 7, 2021

With the city landfill budget tight, the cost of trash pick up became the subject of conversation during Tuesday’s Hardin City Council meeting.

Trash collectors are finding more and more tires in the alleyways within city limits and in the city-county landfill collecting the cumbersome items was posing a problem, by Ward 2 Clayton Greer proposed a potential solution.

Greer said the city could collect the tires and take them in for recycling.

“If you drive up and down alleys, you will see how many tires are laying around.” Greer said. “I know it’s an expense to the city in a sense, but (the tires) just sit around and get full of water and mosquitoes.”

The council tabled the proposal for further research and will discuss the matter further at a later meeting.