Cheryl Nedens / Aakkee hiish

Thursday, January 14, 2021
Cheryl Nedens / Aakkee hiish

Cheryl Lynn (Big Day) Nedens, 53, of Hardin, Montana, went to the Other Side Camp on January 3, 2021.

Her Indian name Aakkee hiish / Made it Across was given to her by James Door. Cheryl was a member of the Big Lodge Clan and a child of the Piegan. Cheryl was born on February 3,1968 in Crow Agency to Raymond Big Day Sr. and Lynette Not Afraid. She was raised in the Soap Creek area and graduated from Pretty Eagle Catholic School. Then she went on a placement program in Oregon until she later returned to Montana.

Cheryl was a very quiet, humble, loving and caring woman; she loved to laugh with friends and family her laugh was contagious her smile that would brighten your day.

Cheryl never hesitated to help when called upon even if the call came in the middle of the night. She had a very big heart was always there for everyone. When she was not out visiting, she was constantly on her phone talking with friends and family. Cheryl really loved her children and grandchildren, Carly and MJ. She did whatever she could for them, they were her whole life.

She participated in powwows and handgames and played with the Big Horn District when they won the 2018 championship. This was a really happy time and Cheryl took pride in making her outfits and helping other team members with theirs. She even got her husband, Carl to help with the project. She loved to shower her friends with gifts and loved to parade her sisters in law out of love and respect for her brothers.

In 1990, she took a position with the Indian Health Services in the Triage and Medical Records Department. In 2000, Cheryl worked for the Crow Tribe working for various departments before retiring in December 2020. Cheryl enjoyed community events throughout the Crow and surrounding areas. Cheryl was a devoted Lodge Grass Indian fan before she became a Hardin Bulldog basketball fan. She enjoyed watching her own children, nieces and nephews participate in sports. She traveled throughout the country participating in women’s walks. Cheryl loved to travel.

In 2009, Cheryl met the love of her life, Carl Nedens and on September 1, 2012 they married. The couple made their home in the Hardin area and were a part of the Nedens Farm Corporation.

Her and Carl went to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. A real highlight was traveling with Carl to Seattle to watch the Seahawks and the Giants play. She was disappointed when her Giants didn’t win.

She took pride in her role as a farm wife. Cheryl was the happiest she had ever been and looked forward to making many memories with Carl, her grandchildren and her many friends.

Cheryl made many friendships throughout her life and always maintained those friendships. She respected and loved the Nedens family and held them in a special place in her heart. Cheryl touched many lives and often travel to Oregon to visit the Tobey families. She had so much love for them.

She is preceded in death by her children, Jeremy “Squish” and Heather Eastman; her parents, Raymond Big Day Sr. and Lynette Not Afraid; grandparents, Elizabeth Spotted Door, Cyril Not Afraid, Henry Big Day and Minerva Ball Big Day, Ted and Martha Bear Cloud, and Meta Bear Cloud Stewart; Goddaughter, Tenieele Big Day; brothers, Collins Big Day; aunts, Elizabeth Stewart and Maude Door; niece, Brandy Big Day; uncles, Marlon Big Day, Dale Spotted, Garland Door, Mervitt Door; her mother-in-law, Nancy Nedens.

Cheryl is survived by her husband, Carl Nedens; uncle/dad, Heywood (Mary Lou) Big Day; daughter, Teffany Eastman, adopted daughter, Amberly Shigley and Arcionna Hogan; adopted son, Louis (Crystal) Jefferson; Godson, Peyton Big Day; special niece, Joley Spotted; grandchildren, Carly and MJ Eastman, Maliyah and Elric Dawes; niece Maureen (Lewellyn) Dawes; sisters, Billie (Hubert) Two Leggins, Mary Big Day, Micheal Lynn (Irving Afraid of Bear) Nanto, Suzette (Frank) Spang, Cindy Bear Cloud, Martha (Aaron) Alden, Indy (Harold) Hill Jr., Donna Jefferson, Geraldine Big Day, Renafe Blaine, Jolene (Vernon) White Clay, Carla (Gary Jo) Real Bird, Agnes Leider, Desirae, Ailsara, Stellar BullTail, Hattie Spotted, Sarah and Farah Door; brothers, Raymond Big Day Jr., Jace (Tammy), Derek, Heywood (Veronica) Jr., William (Kay) Big Day, Norman (Roberta) Other Medicine, Kenny Joe (Jennifer) and Clay Spotted, Buddy and Caleb Door, Joseph Bear Cloud Jr., Aaron (Devon) Leider Sr. and Jimenio Leider A.J. (Denean) Not Afraid; her aunts, Doris Plainfeather, Linda BullTail, Harriet Little Owl, Allie Bird Hat; uncles, Joe Bear Cloud Sr., Buster Leider Sr., John Bullinsight, Kenneth (Barbara) Spotted, Donald and Garrett Door; grandparents, Agatha and Bruce House; her special friends, Tammy Big Day, Georgia Walks, Kari Jaden, Tai Bull-Tail, Donna Backbone, Sophie, Libby, Will, Kyle, Nicole, Dalton, Aubrey, Kale and “Red Bull” Nedens, Wesley Jefferson and Gerald Black.

Her extended family includes the Big Day, Spotted, Iron Horse, Bear Cloud, Leider, Not Afraid, Door, Bullinsight, Bird Hat, Left Hand, Cummins, Onegoose, Blaine, Dreamer, Deer Nose, Rock Above, Stewart, Mullenberg families, as well as the Fredricks family of North Dakota, the Black Lodge Family and the Tobey family of Oregon and the George family from Idaho. Our family is large, please forgive us if we have forgotten you in our time of grief.