Bulldogs struggle in victory with Laurel, hit their stride with Sidney

Thursday, January 31, 2019
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Hardin’s Bulldog basketball team was at it again in two back-to-back games this week with almost no time to spare.

The first game, held Friday against the Laurel Locomotives, happened to be one of the Bulldogs’ closest yet. Both teams held their own throughout the game, with Laurel even forcing Hardin to drop below them 24-31 for the high-shooting fourthquarter score.

Every quarter preceding that was as close as any team has gotten this season with the exception of the win by Billings Central. The Bulldogs’ leads up to that point, however, allowed them to triumph 75-71.

As close as it was, Hardin’s Head Coach Andrew Roundface said, “We made a lot of mistakes.”

“We had a really good game against them last time and this time we weren’t as prepared mentally to play,” he said. “The fouls reflected these mistakes with a higher-than-average amount.”

According to Roundface, he was prepared to bring up the fouls during the game, but said his players appeared to notice them as well. On the ride home, they discussed how they played and how they could improve since the next day would be there in no time at all.

By the time the team got home, he said, there was barely enough time to wash the jerseys and get some sleep, as nearly eight hours later, they would be playing the Sidney Eagles. The second game was more in line with the Bulldogs’ usual pattern, topping all four quarters for a 34-70 victory.

“That was a good game, it was a good way to respond to an off night,” Roundface said. “They reacted just the way I thought they would.”

Everyone on the team, he said, helped carry this one and did so well. During this game, the Bulldogs used their well-practiced run-and-gun style and dominated the competition. The Eagles had a hard time keeping up and, by halftime, were already at a 20-point disadvantage. The Bulldogs did not relax, however, and continued the attack. Even with Sidney breaking into the double digits in the third quarter with 10 points, Hardin pushed further and further ahead.

The Bulldogs are not done yet, though, as they have one more game in between them and Billings Central, scheduled at home on Feb 2.

According to Roundface, he is really looking forward to it and wants to see what the only team to beat them this season has got in store.