Bulldogs bring home state title

Thursday, March 19, 2020
Bulldogs bring home state title

Photo by Tommy Robinson

Cayden Redfield looks to make a move around Park's Sage McMinn on Friday at the Class A State Tournament in Billings.

Bulldogs bring home state title

Photo by Tommy Robinson

Kidd Little Light shoots a three pointer against Park on Friday at the Class A State Tournament in Billings.

In an unprecedented act, the Montana High School Association decided to forgo the state title game and declare the number one ranked Hardin Bulldogs and the number two ranked Butte Central Maroons co-champions.

The decision was made after several cases coronavirus were reported in Montana. Here’s how the first two games panned out for the Dawgs.

“My thoughts on the decision differ from everyone I’ve talked to,” said Bulldog Coach Andy Roundface. “I can see why the decision was made but as a competitive person it just didn’t sit well with me.”

Roundface said he feels for his players, especially his seniors, who brought home a championship in 2018.

“They wanted that rush again,” he said. “To not even get a heads up on (the decision) and it being taken away from us just like that, I mean it’s stings. Of course I’m super proud of what these boys have accomplished.”

“For them too it doesn’t seem like they won it. They are hurt. Talking with them I completely understand why they feel that way. I try to make it better for them by talking to them. I mean we worked our butts off for this and we’ll never get that shot. At the end of the day I love this team and they’ll always be champs in my heart. There’s a million things that could be said but I’ll leave it at that.”

During the Bulldogs first game on Thursday, March 15, the Polson Pirates kept up for the first quarter of play, but the Dawgs quickly put out any hopes of a win for the Pirate team, outscoring them by 21 points in the second quarter and 40 points in the third quarter.

In the semi final game, the Dawgs faced Livingston, right from the get go, it was a a Bulldog game.

Executing both on offense and defense Hardin’s boys showed all who watched why they were top-ranked in the state, doing what they do best, playing basketball.

March 15

First quarter: Hardin 19, Polson 13; second quarter: Hardin 38, Polson 17; third quarter: Hardin 66, Polson 26; FINAL: Hardin 73, Polson 41.

Hardin: Cayden Redfield 15, Trae Hugs 14, Famous Left Hand 14, Peyton Goodluck 11, Hance Three Irons 7, Kevion Ladson 7, Teivon Ramos 4, Kidd Littlelight 2.

Polson: Braunson Henrickson 11, Xavier Fisher 7, Jarrett Wilson 6, Ryker Wenderoth 4, Colton Graham 3, Anton Lefthand 3, Trevor Shultz 3, Gunner Grisak 2, Trevor Lake 2.

March 16

First quarter: Hardin 14, Livingston 7; second quarter: Hardin 32, Livingston 16; third quarter: Hardin 58, Livingston 31; FINAL: Hardin73, Livingston 41.

Hardin: Famous Lefthand 18, Cayden Redfield 16, Peyton Goodluck 11, Kidd Littlelight 8; Eric Woods 7, Trae Hugs 6, Teivon Ramos 3, Jalen High Hawk 2, Kevion Ladson 2.

Livingston: Brendon Johnson 14, Tristan Stenseth 10, Sage McMinn 9, Wyatt Saile 5, Nick Battrick 2, Casey Miller 1.