Bulldog XC teams hold their own in Missoula against elite runners

Thursday, October 4, 2018
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Two weeks ago, the Bulldog cross-country teams traveled to the prestigious Bob Firman meet in Boise, Idaho, and this past weekend they traveled to Missoula for the Mountain West Classic, another large meet where both teams competed with 60 schools and about 400 runners from five other states.

Of the 60 schools the Lady Bulldogs placed seventh overall and first among Montana’s Class A schools.

The boys placed 22nd overall and fourth in Montana Class A action.

According to Head Coach Cindy Farmer, the boys would have done even better if the Bulldog number two runner, Jaxon McCormick, would have ran. McCormick was out sick for the meet.

“It was great running,” said Farmer, “with great competition.”

Farmer also noted that the course in Missoula would be the site for the state meet, taking place three weeks from now.

For the Ladies, four of the seven varsity runners ran their personal best times of the season – Libby Nedens, Khylah Two Leggins, Marion Hugs and Ivery Fritzler – while for the boys, Aaron Birdinground ran a personal best.

Nedens crossed the finish line first, placing 25th overall with a time of 19:45. This is Nedens’ first time breaking the 20-minute mark for the season.

Second in for the ladies was Khylah Two Leggins, who placed 48th overall with a 20:16. Third in, and two seconds behind Two Leggins, was Hugs, who placed 50th overall with a time of 20:18.

The fourth runner to cross the finish line for Hardin was Journey Erickson with a time of 21:05 and 92nd place overall. The fifth runner in was Ivery Fritzler with a time of 21:26 and 120th place.

Sixth to cross the finish line was Chayanna Wilson with a time of 22:41 and seventh was Alalea Torralba with a 23:13.

The top five for the Ladies had a pack time of about 1:45.

For the boys, Trajan Hill was first to cross the finish line with a time of 17:12 and a 58th overall finish. Second in was Keyshawn Rogers, who ran the course in 17:44 for a 123rd place overall finish.

Third in for the boys was Beau Black Eagle, who ran the course in 17:51 for 137th place overall. Fourth was Aaron Birdinground, who ran a flat 18:00 for a 153rd place.

Fifth was Kevin Shane with a 18:13 for a 178th place finish. Sixth to cross the finish line was Clement Not Afraid, who placed 182nd with a time of 18:14. Seventh for Hardin was Quaidan Whiteman with a 18:18 taking 188th. The pack time for the boys top five runners was 1:01.

In JV action, the Bulldogs ran in the JV Billings Invite. The boys’ team placed first overall and the girls took second.

Clement Not Afraid placed third overall, Trae Hugs fifth, Alduran Takes Enemy sixth, Tajon Joe seventh, Emillo Curly eighth, Eric Woods ninth and Taylan Alden 13th.

For the girls, Latisha Not Afraid was second, Charlie Bellrock fourth, Hannah Mark 10th, Andrea Three Irons 14th, Toni Wolfname 18th, Darby Wells 21st and Gabby Lopez 22nd.

This week, the teams will travel to Miles City for their invite, and the following weekend they go to Havre for the Eastern A divisional tournament.

It was great running, with great competition.”
– Cindy Farmer, Head Coach




Team scores: Lewis and Clark 85, Central Valley 112, Bozeman 127, University 218, Gonzaga Prep 232, Kalispell Glacier 262, Rogers (Spokane) 270, Joel Ferris 283, Missoula Hellgate 328, Billings West 358, Billings Senior 373, Helena 402, Missoula Sentinel 403, Great Falls Russell 525, Columbia Falls 579, Helena Capital 581, Mt. Spokane 593, Lewistown 606, Laurel 634, Manhattan Christian 641, Cheney 644, Hardin 649, Great Falls 668, Billings Skyview 676, Kalisepll Flathead 678, Frenchtown 688, West Valley (Spokane) 705, Thunder Ridge 733, Omak 792, Corvallis 862, Soda Springs 864, Manhattan 872, Eureka 894, Hamilton 926, East Valley (Spokane) 940, Whitefish 985, Polson 987, Belgrade 1041, Post Falls 1096, Missoula Big Sky 1098, Deer Park 1098, Ronan 1118:18 an19, Moscow 1135, Butte 1139, Townsend 1168, Havre 1228, Livingston 1373, Teton 1394, Billings Central 1425, Red Lodge 1,431, Lakeland 1,434, Powell County 1,527, Browning 1,542, Poplar 1,560, Stevensville 1,692, Lodge Grass 1,732, Three Forks 1,776, Cut Bank 1,832, Colstrip 1,872, Whitehall 1,874, Libby 1,877, Arlee 1,979.

Top 30: Ben Perrin, Fla, 15:38.50; Wil Smith, L-C, 15:47.39; Stetson Moss, TR, 15:53.42; Ryan Kline, CV, 15:56.79; Levi Taylor, Lau, 16:04.45; Evan Peters, CV, 16:11.73; Jacob Easton, Uni, 16:12.66; Issak Chol, Rog, 16:14.17; SImon Hill, Gla, 16:15.96; Brett Bergler, L-C, 16:17.41; Patrick Korus, L-C, 16:24.55; Aren Alexander-Battee, Gla, 16:25.37; Gordon Gentry, CMR, 16:27.07; Bas Holland, Che, 16:27.40; Sam Fulbright, Lew, 16:28.08; Lukas Brown, Mt. S; 16:30.92; Jonas Bears, GP, 16:32.23; Xander Danenhauer, Boz, 16:33.89; Caleb Hornung, West, 16:35.86; Patrick North, L-C, 16:37.36; Kolby Green, WB, 16:39.55; Dax Summers, Hellgate, 16:40.63; Griffin May, Boz, 16:43.07; Sam Anderson, GP, 16:44.66; Will Miller, JF, 16:44.81; Joseph Nicholls, CV, 16:45.21; Renn Meuwissen, Boz, 16:46.62; Drew Roberts, Uni, 16:46.96; Brooks Peters, Boz, 16:48.02; Jonatahn Wheeler, Boz, 16:49.58.


Team scores: Missoula Hellgate 50, Bozeman 54, Billings Senior 108, Post Falls 291, Kalispell Flathead 308, Helena 328, Hardin 335, Soda Springs 360, Central Valley 426, Joel Ferris 433, Manhattan 456, Thunder Ridge 458, Gonzaga Prep 459, Billings West 464, Missoula Sentinel 481, Helena Capital 497, Whitefish 514, Billings Skyview 537, Corvallis 560, Mead 568, Kalispell Glacier 590, West Valley (Spokane) 629, Deer Park 652, Polson 708, Great Falls CMR 709, Laurel 714, Frenchown 718, Missoula Big Sky 727, Butte 744, Colstrip 762, West Yellowstone 840, Columbia Falls 870, Moscow 877, Hamilton 882, Three Forks 927, Cheney 931, Dillon 938, Red Lodge 947, Townsend 948, Great Falls 952, Belgrade 1,008; Havre 1,026; Lodge Grass 1,059; Eureka 1,082; Lakeland 1,169; Teton 1,326; Unviersity 1,327; Poplar 1,342; Browning 1,374; Lewistown 1,382; Cut Bank 1,550; Billings Central 1,594.

Top 30: Tiahna Vladic, Senior, 17:48.74; Ember Stratton, Hellgate, 18:16.49; Terra Trom, Boz, 18:30.00; Elise Stearns, Hellgate, 18:40.32; Beatrix Frissell, Pol, 18:40.37; Alex Moore, Boz, 18:51.48; Ella Degrandpre, Hellgate, 18:51.54; Kylie Hartnett, Helena, 18:54.92; Sydney Shanahan, PF, 18:59.33; Elena Vandersloot, Senior, 19:03.49; Emberlyn Hoffman-Gaschk, Skyview, 19:04.34; Hailey Thueson, TR, 19:04.37; Natalie McCormick, Boz, 19:04.83; Ellie Hull, Boz, 19:19.81; Abby Kendrick, Hellgate, 19:20.08; Jessica Moss, TR, 19:25.30; Jade Hallgrimson, Senior, 19:26.35; Riley Moore, Boz, 19:30.11; Jaylyn Hallgrimson, Senior, 19:30.84; Freya Jones, Big Sky, 19:30.93; Tori Noland-Gillespie, Flathead, 19:39.12; Katie Munro, Hellgate, 19:39.87; Samantha Wood, PF, 19:42.51; Madeline Swanberg, Hellgate, 19:43.20; Libby Nedens, Har, 19:45.93; Brynnli Poulsen, Ham, 19:48.83; Brooke Stayner, Sentinel, 19:50.63; Grace Gilbreth, Boz, 19:52.48; Whitney Hanson, Col, 19:57.51; Mackenzie Dean, CMR, 20:01.43.