Bulldog tennis teams dominate in Havre

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Photo by Cabel Noteboom

In tournament play in Havre, the Bulldogs tennis teams took first place in both singles and doubles play. Jayden Yarlott and Abi Noteboom both placed first in singles play and the duos of Jonathna /Ben Noteboom and Makiko Reisig/Katie Murdock first in doubles play. From the left: Ben Noteboom, Makiko Reisig, Katie Murdock, Abi Noteboom, Jayden Yarlott and Jonathan Noteboom.

It was a solid start for both the Hardin boys’ and girls’ tennis teams in Havre as both dominated in dual play on Friday and took first place in tournament action on Saturday.

“From a talent standpoint we can compete,” Head Coach Mike Flamm said.

While the Bulldogs are still missing a few players and working out who will be playing as singles and as doubles the Bulldogs set the pace Friday with both teams taking all their duals.

In boys singles play, Jonathan Noteboom, Ben Noteboom, Kent Swisse and Kaiden Chavez took it to Havre with all taking their games in two sets.

Even though in doubles play the boys struggled, the duos of Caleb Mason and Jayden Yarlott and Cameron Elk Shoulder and Norman Dawes both won.

Hardin won their first dual with Havre 4-3.

In their second dual, Hardin again was victorious taking it 5-2.

Winning for the Bulldogs in singles play was Ryan Old Crow, Famous Left Hand and Norman Dawes.

In doubles action, the duo of Jonathan and Ben Noteboom took the win as well as the duo of Caleb Mason and Jayden Yarlott.

“Jonathan and Ben are strong all around, but they have room to grow,” said Flamm.

In girls action, it was almost a clean sweep for the Ladies as Hardin defeated Havre 7-0 in their first dual and 6-1 in the second.

In singles play, Abi Noteboom, Katie Murdock, Jonna Lind and Boonsita Apichartviwat all took it in two sets. In doubles play, it was a repeat with the duos of Cailei Cummins and Deidra Don’t Mix; Macie Flamm and Rilee Green; and Paula Tovar and Cheyenne Whiteman all winning in two.

“Abi Noteboom has come a long way and Paula Tovar is getting wins for us,” said Flamm.

On Saturday in Tournament play, both Bulldog teams dominated. In boys singles action, Jayden Yarlott took first place winning all four of his matches and Caleb Mason placed third only losing one match.

“In the tournament, I’ve never seen Yarlott so amped up and excited,” said Flamm. “It made me really happy.”

In girls singles play, Abi Noteboon took first winning all four matches.

In Doubles, the Noteboom brothers Jonathan and Ben took first place winning four and Ryan Old Crow and Famous Left Hand placed fourth.

In girl’s double action, the duo of Makiko Reisig and Katie Murdock took first place defeating teammates Cailei Cummins and Deidra Don’t Mix.

Going undefeated for the weekend was Jonathan Noteboom, Ben Noteboom, Makiko Reisig, Katie Murdock, Boonsita Apichartviwat and Abi Noteboom.

Jayden Yarlott, Norman Dawes, Cailei Cummins, Deidra Don’t Mix, Paula Tovar and Cheyenne Whiteman each only only lost one.

This week, the Bulldog tennis with travel to Cut Ban, this meet will give the Bulldogs a chance to see some of the competition from the western part of the state.

Hardin will be at home for its own meet Tuesday April 16.


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