Bulldog girls tie for third, boys place fifth at Billings Cross County Invite

Thursday, September 6, 2018

On Friday, the Bulldog cross-county teams traveled to Billing for the Billings Invite. Both teams were first among Class A schools and both also outran some of the seven AA schools that competed.

The girls tied for third with Billings West with a score of 123, and only Billings Senior and Helena outran them. For the boys, they only fell behind the AA teams of Helena; Sheridan, Wyoming; Billings Skyview; and Billings West.

“It was a great competition,” Head Coach Cindy Farmer said. “It’s a testament to the hard work they are putting in.”

For the boys, Hardin placed two runners in the top 15 and the girls placed three in the top 20.

In girls’ action, Libby Nedens was first in for the Lady Bulldogs. She placed 14th overall, running the course in 20:23. She was followed by Khylah Two Leggins at 17th overall with a time of 21:03. Placing 20th overall was Journey Erickson with a time of 20:40. Fourth in was Marion Hugs, who took the course in 21:03 for 29th place overall. Fifth to cross the finish line and give the Bulldogs the tie for third place was Ivery Fritzler, who came in 43rd overall with a time of 21:45. Only one minute and 22 seconds separated the top five finishes. Rounding out the top seven for the Lady Bulldogs was Charlie Bellrock at 22:24 and Madison Harmer with a time of 25:05.

For the boys, Trajan Hill took ninth place overall, running the course in 16:59. He was followed by Jaxon McCormick, who came in 14th overall with a time of 17:09. Third in for the Bulldogs was Keyshawn Rogers with a time of 17:47 for a 42nd place overall. Fourth was Beau Black Eagle, who ran the race in 18:08 for a 53rd place overall. Trae Hugs was Hardin fifth runner in with a time of 18:29, giving the Bulldogs their fifth place team finish and first place Class A finish. For the boys, the pack time of the top five runners was 1:30.

Farmer said, “The boys ran strong and as a pack.”

Rounding out the top seven were Alduran Takes Enemy with an 18:34 and Taylan Alden with 18:46.

For the JV teams, the girls placed fourth overall with a score of 135 and the boys took second with a 93.

The top five in for the JV boys were Quaidan Whiteman, Kevin Shane, Cayden Redfield, Clement Not Afraid and Trevor Bowers. For the girls’ JV team in was Hannah Mark, Azalean Torralba, Mariah Fraser, Angel Buffalo and Latisha Not Afraid.

The runners will be a home Friday, running at Gas Cap Hill in Crow Agency. Starting time is 4 p.m. The Gas Cap Hill run is one of the toughest races of the year.

“We’re not worried about times at Gas Cap Hill,” Farmer said. “Each meeting is training. We just keep working on building mental toughness, our pack times, and pushing each other and staying strong.”

Billings Invitational


Team scores: Billings Senior 54, Helena 90, Billings West 123, Hardin 123, Cody 158, Helena Capital 181, Billings Skyview 187, Colstrip 212, Sheridan 216, Thunder Basin 272, Laurel 283, Campbell County 301, Worland 304, Glasgow 342, Red Lodge 355, Powell 419, Custer County 458, Fergus 482

Top 20: Tiahna Vladic, Billings Senior, 17:55.69; Riley Smith, Cody, 18:59.65; Grace Timm, Laurel, 19:30.24; Emberlyn Hoffman-Gaschk, Billings Skyview, 19:35.60; Whitney Hanson, Colstrip, 19:47.49; Jayln Hallgrimson, Billings Senior, 19:54.94; Elena Vandersloot, Billings Senior, 19:57.82; Jade Hallgrimson, Billings Senior, 19:58.21; Kylie Harnett, Helena, 20:00.45; Tahja Hunt, Thermopolis, 20:07.29; Shantell Pretty On Top, Lodge Grass, 20:17.76; Ashton Powell, Cody, 20:18.98; Katelyn McKay, Helena, 20:19.07; Kate Moran, Sheridan, 20:22.64; Katie Turpin, Sheridan, 20:22.85; Libby Nedens, Hardin, 20:23.75; Allie Keith, Billings West, 20:25.63; Jasmine Wilkerson, Helena, 20:26.55; Khylah Two Leggins, Hardin, 20:27.12; Hannah Hirschi, Billings Skyview, 20:30.44


Team scores: Helena 102, Sheridan 110, Billings Skyview 160, Billings West 178, Hardin 184, Fergus 187, Helena Capital 208, Laurel 210, Powell 237, Glasgow 251, Billings Senior 289, Thunder Basin 320, Buffalo 321, Custer County 338, Cody 353, Red Lodge 434, Huntley Project 451, Billings Central Catholic 460, St. Labre 504, Shepherd 526, Lodge Grass 574, Joliet 580, Sidney 620, Colstrip 646

Top 20: Levi Taylor, Laurel, 15:52.54; Porter Harman, Worland, 16:07.74; Sam Fulbright, Fergus, 16:20.58; Jonah Fisher, Helena, 16:20.96; Owen Smith, Billings Senior, 16:30.74; Clayton Hornung, Billings West, 16:43.18; Clayton Ryerson, Helena, 16:55.70; Alan Merritt, Powell, 16:57.60; Dylan Wichman, Billings Central, 16:57.61; Trajan Hill, Hardin, 16:59.44; Jesse McMurtrey, Helena Capital, 16:59.76; Ike Braaten, Glasgow, 17:05.65; Garett Avery, Sheridan, 17:07; Wilson Overby, Glasgow, 17:08.71; Jaxon McCormick, Hardin, 17:09.52; James LeFevre, Billings Skyview, 17:11.79; David Standish, Sheridan, 17:12.57; Owen Preston, Cody, 17:15.17; Alex Garber, Sheridan, 17:17.72; Tucker Houlihan, Billings Skyview, 17:20.39


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