Bruce Damon Spotted Bear Jr., Deaxkaashdaake

Thursday, April 30, 2020
Bruce Damon Spotted Bear Jr., Deaxkaashdaake

Bruce Damon Spotted Bear Jr., Deaxkaashdaake or Eagle Child, went to the other side of camp on April 17, 2020.

He was born on May 24, 1967 to Bruce Spotted Bear Sr. and the late Myrna (Horn) Spotted Bear. He was a member of the Whistling Water Clan and a child of the Big Lodge Clan. He attended St. Charles Mission, Billings Central High School, Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming as well as Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, where he studied Agriculture.

Bruce worked as a teacher’s aide at St. Charles Mission for 10 years, as well as at Moran Elementary School before his current employment with Shipton’s Big R, where most folks could find him because he was a hard worker who was always working.

He enjoyed going to the mountains with his nieces, nephews, cousins, and with his special cousin/friend, Veronica Kay, to harvest wild berries, wild turnips, bear root, tipi stakes, tipi poles, and to gather sweat wood. JR once said he would always live where he could see the mountains and continued to live in his childhood home where his father still resides in Pryor, Montana. He was also raised by his grandmother, the late Emma Coffey-Smells, who taught him traditional ways. He had a beautiful talent for beading and sewing, he made a lot of items for his family and friends such as elk tooth dresses, belts, moccasins, and leggings. The late Betty Caufield took him as her son and he made a Crow woman’s blanket for her that her granddaughters still parade with.

JR enjoyed camping at Crow Fair every year and always made sure to set up camp the Sunday before it began and could cook meals for the family with recipes given to him by his mother. JR also had the right to build a sweat lodge and prayed for his family and friends as often as he could. Bruce Jr. also made the yearly Advent and Christmas wreaths for the St. Charles Mission Church, of which he was a member. He was also a believer of traditional ways and would often be found helping at Sundances, medicine bundle openings and attending handgames. Anyone that knew him, knew him to be a kind person.

He was preceded in death by his great-grandparents, Mabel Bradley, One Feather, Weasel Woman, Spotted Bear and Knot Woman; his grandparents, Emma Coffey Smells, Theodore Spotted Bear, Gilbert Horn Sr., Ruth Elizabeth Bradley, Rita Bradley, Joanne Bradley, Georgie Bradley, Herbie Bradley, Gilbert Bradley; his mother, Myrna Horn Spotted Bear; his uncle, Sylvester Spotted Bear; his aunts, Donna Hein, Darlene Rogers, Julia Round Face; his brothers, Marty Round Face, Print Spotted Bear and Deano Hein; his sisters, Marva Windy Boy, Carrie McCabe, Jubie Round Face and Janadele Baker; and his nephew, Wes Spotted Bear.

He is survived by his father, Bruce Spotted Bear Sr.; his uncles, Max (Dorothy) Spotted Bear Sr. and Jerry (Peggy) Spotted Bear; his aunts, Jeanette Richardson, Rosemary Round Face, Sharon Smells, Patrice Not Afraid, Darlene Shambo, Karen (Wayne) Jones and Flo Spotted Bear; his brothers, Bradley (Lisa) Hawley, Max Jr. (Walla), Luke (Missy) and Taten Spotted Bear, Howard, Daniel (Paula), Johnny, Justin and Cletus Round Face, Tom (Cheryl), Butch and Bruce (Delores) Nagel, Ace (Shelly), Patrick (Christine) and Flarin (Nancy) Big Lake, Owen (Emma) and Raymond (Diane) Richardson, Colan Snow, Little Crow Baker, Gilbert “Buddie” (Nedra), Donald “Duck” (Fluff), Kermit, Curtis (Mona), Walter (Lisa) and Charlie Horn, John Bear Cub and Lonnie “Wayne” (Linda) Herschel; his sisters, Kimberly (Tafuna) Tusi Sr., Renee Hawley, Geri (Greg) Main, Monica Nagel-Henry, Velvet (Jesse) Hein, Veronica Kay (William Big Day) Spotted Bear, Georgia (Calvin) Buckingham, Delia, Janel, Island and Emma Salley, Tyrale, Tenia and Cedar Spotted Bear, Glenda and Darla Richardson , Greta and Roberta Round Face and Dorothy White Plume; his nephews, Tafuna, Setu (Brook) and Taumata Tusi, Tusi Ah-Mai, Christopher (Sierra) Hayes; his nieces, Sonya (Julian) Goes Ahead and Tausilia (Jesse) Wheeler; his grandkids, Menima Tusi, Carolyn and Sivale Wheeler, Karma, Tinei, and Rizen Ah-Mai. His extended families include the White Clay, Gone, the North Dakota Spotted Bear, Coffey, Roger, Beartail, and Lincoln families.

Dhal Funeral Chapel was entrusted with the arrangments.