Bridger resident believes Matthew Wald will give a ‘fair trial’ as district judge

Thursday, May 31, 2018
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A crucial election is now upon us and the citizens of Big Horn County can make a huge difference this year. We can finally end an 18-year reign of judicial corruption in Carbon County, Stillwater County and Big Horn County by not electing another of the Good Ol’ Boys of Carbon County.

You see Attorney Raymond Kuntz and Attorney Alex Nixon are a part of this corrupt system here in Carbon, Stillwater and Big Horn counties. One has to only watch after a court hearing; all of them – District Judge Blair Jones and Kuntz and Nixon all going down to the café for lunch, and slapping each other on the back for what they just did to some poor soul in court.

One must remember former Carbon County Attorney Robert Eddleman, who was convicted of drug dealing here in all three counties and these three were all part of his inner circle.

One also has to know that County Attorney Nixon has been involved in numerous lawsuits and also currently is involved against him. We must stop this and get a county attorney who is honest and will follow the rule of law.

If you want the same ol’ same ol’ justice, then Kuntz is your man for district judge, but as I hear throughout Montana, Carbon County is the laughing stock between lawyers and citizens. They know they won’t get a fair trial in this district court.

Kuntz’s opponent, Matthew Wald, is not wellknown, but I have met him and talked to him, and told him about the circumstances here. He never realized just how bad it is here yet and said he will have a real challenge in cleaning it up. He has a practice in Hardin, and was born and raised on a ranch in Lodge Grass. He has a highly reputable record – not like Kuntz, who moved here with his liberal agenda and his good ol’ boy syndrome.

Citizens of Carbon, Stillwater and Big Horn counties, you have a huge decision to make this election season: Do you want the same ol’ same ol’ kind of justice with Kuntz as the district judge, or do you want a fair and equitable system with someone who will rule with the rule of law and not based on who you are?

It’s either corrupt Kuntz or Matthew Wald. The choice is yours.

Robert Hill

Bridger, Mont.