Birdie Lion Shows / Chawahkia eewatsaash

Thursday, January 14, 2021
Birdie Lion Shows / Chawahkia eewatsaash
Birdie Lion Shows / Chawahkia eewatsaash

Birdie Mae Lion Shows, 71, of Lodge Grass, Montana, pass away on January 3,2021

Birdie Mae Lion Shows first saw the light of day on August 5, 1949, born to James and Nayola Agnes (Gardner) Lion Shows in Crow Agency, Montana.

She was the fifth child born to James and Neola. She began her early years in Pryor, Montana, living there until 1957, then the family moved to Lodge Grass, Montana.

They made their home in Lodge Grass for approximately six years before they moved six miles southeast of Lodge Grass to the Owl Creek area.

Birdie loved to fancy dance with her cousin Georgia Dale Old Dwarf, they traveled frequently with a Crow traditional dance group sponsored by Donald and Agnes Deer Nose across Indian country. Birdie's Apsáalooke name Chawahkia eewatsaash / One Who is Anxious to Pray

was given to her by her grandmother Amelia Gardner when Birdie was four days old.

Birdie was a member of the Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Church, in Lodge Grass. She worked for several years as the church secretary. She was also a member of the First Crow Indian Baptist Church in Lodge Grass.

She attended school in Lodge Grass High School graduating in 1969. She graduated from Eastern Montana College, now known as Montana State University Billings, earning a degree in Business.

Birdie was a highly intelligent woman with a gift for numbers and math. She was extremely proud of her Indian heritage. She was a proud descendant of Chief Plenty Coups, who was a cousin of Mountain Lion That Shows, Birdie's great-grandfather. Her other Great Grandfathers were Three Four Top, White Arm, Not Afraid, Gros Ventre, Plain Bull, Goes Ahead and Gardner. Birdie was a member of the Big Lodge Clan and a Child of the Whistling Water.

Birdie had an excellent work ethic, which was taught to her by her father and role model, James Lion Shows. She held many positions with the Crow Nation, which prompted her to want to serve her people.

Birdie served as the Mayor of Lodge Grass with honor. She was instrumental in the establishment of a new water tank for the Lodge Grass Community, which greatly improved the water quality for the citizens. She was also dedicated to acquiring a new sewer system for the Lodge Grass Community but was unable to complete the project as she left office before its completion, but through it all she deeply cared for the Lodge Grass Community and its residents.

Birdie also spent several years working for the Indian Center in Billings, Montana trying to improve the quality of life for Native Americans in the surrounding area.

Birdie bore two children from two unions. Her first husband was Michael Rodrodriguez Sr., and they bore one son, Michael Lee Rodriquez Jr. Birdie's second husband was Andy Jazivieck and they bore one daughter Birdie Robin Jazivieck.

Her home for the entirety of her life was spent in the Lodge Grass area and her final resting place will be in the Lion Shows private burial ground in the Owl Creek area. Birdie was proceeded in death by her parents, James and Nayola Agnes Lion Shows; her two brothers, Chris and Mile Lion Shows; and two sisters, Genevieve and Jeanette Lion Shows.

She is survived by her two children, Michel Lee (Misty) and Robin; and her adopted daughter, Leitha Yellow Mule; several grandchildren; her eldest brother, Thomas (Alice) Lion Shows; and one younger sister, Lanille Lion Shows.

Birdie's extended family includes Louie (Emma) Lion Shows and their children, Saelee, James and Alice Lion Shows; Frank Tomie Lion Shows and their children, Nayola, Baby Tommy, Kaylynn, Durell; and Dreaha Lion Shows John and Destny Lion Shows and their children; as well as the Birdie Wallace family, Old Dwarf, Goes Ahead, Plain Bull, Rock Above, Gardner, Bends, Grey Bull, Plain Feather, Howe, Mullenburg, Davis, Red Wolf and Other Medicine families.

If we have forgotten anyone during our time of intense grief we sincerely apologize.

A special thank you to all who expressed their condolences and sympathy toward our family during our time of great sorrow. May God greatly bless each of you. Aho!

Graveside services will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 16, in the Lion Shows family burial site in the Owl Creek area.