BHC Library deals with frozen pipes, board member shortage

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Thursday, March 7, 2019
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We are into March, and last month will go down as one of the coldest and craziest Februaries we’ve experienced in Big Horn County. According to the marquee at the bank, at one point it was 31 degrees below zero.

I don’t know what it was this morning, but it felt a lot colder and my truck would not start. While trying to get it started, I got a call from Darrell, our maintenance guy, who told me we have no water at the library. I finally came down to the library to find the crawl space where the pipes are located – it was a whopping 20 degrees.

That space isn’t insulated and, even though the pipes have insulation around them, it was cold enough to freeze. Now we must somehow heat up that area, which is probably about 2,000 square feet.

Darrell and his crew spent the next hour running extension cords to space heaters, hoping to get heat in there. They also put up a box fan in the opening in hopes of sucking some of the warm air from the basement into that crawl space. Long story short, as of now we have no water and consequently the Library is closed.

While that situation is frustrating, it won’t last forever and we still have other items to tend to at the library. One of those items needing attention is the fact that our library board of trustees has been operating one person short. There are supposed to be five people on the board and presently there are only four. One of those people will be leaving in June.

This means there is an opening now for a new board member and there will be another opening this summer. The board meets once a month and works with the library director to oversee the overall operation of the library. This is a volunteer position with no pay or stipend. If you or someone you know may know is interested in becoming part of the board of trustees, you can contact us at the library.

We encourage you to stay warm and safe during this cold spell.