Beneficiary deeds in focus

Senior Center News
Thursday, October 11, 2018

On Wednesday, Clara Eshleman led the volunteers in decorating the Hardin Senior Center. Joining her were Etta, Elaine, Hazel, Cliff, Margaret, Patty and Pat. The front window was previously decorated by Etta Kollekowski with her vintage Hardin High School memorabilia, which is displayed each year during Homecoming week.

We sent a farewell card to Albert Eckman and thanked him for bringing his late wife Janice’s handmade embroidered quilt to share with us this summer. Albert is going to live in an assisted living facility in North Dakota near family members. Jacob said he will receive excellent care, and should have plenty of company with family and 200 residents there. We wish you well, Albert.

The following is some information on beneficiary deeds in Montana by Marsha Goetting, Montana State University Extension, and is provided as part of the Montana Legal Services.

The 2007 Montana Legislature authorized beneficiary deeds as a way for people to transfer at death their real property (located in Montana) to one or more beneficiaries without probate.

A beneficiary deed is one in which an owner conveys an interest in Montana real property to a grantee beneficiary, effective upon the owner’s death. In other words, real property is transferred from the deceased person to the person(s) listed on the deed. The deed must specifically state that it is effective only upon the death of the owner.

A beneficiary deed must be recorded before the death of the owner (or, for joint tenancy property, before the death of the last surviving owner) with the clerk and recorder in the Montana county where the property is located. The owner must also prepare a Montana realty transfer certificate before the clerk and recorder will record a beneficiary deed.

The term grantee beneficiary means the party to whom an owner grants an interest in the Montana real property that is described on the beneficiary deed.

An owner is not required to have the signature, consent or agreement of the grantee beneficiary.

An owner can designate more than one grantee beneficiary for his or her Montana real property. However, the owner should specify in the beneficiary deed whether the grantee beneficiaries will own the property (after the death of the owner) as tenants in common or as joint tenants with right of survivorship.

A beneficiary deed may be revoked at any time by the owner or, if there is more than one owner, by the owners who have signed the beneficiary deed.

A person will want to consult a legal professional before drawing up a beneficiary deed, as many instances can affect the outcome of what is intended.

Coming up at the senior center is the Seniors Association meeting at 11 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 12 and the Birthday Dinner on Wednesday, Oct. 17. Wednesday, Oct. 17 is designated by Big Horn County as “Pack the Place in Pink Day” in order to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please wear pink on that day. As a reminder, all reservations for the Birthday Dinner close at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 16. Call us at (406) 665-2581 to make a reservation or cancel as well.

Next week’s news column will feature the Photo of the Month’s subject, Lorraine Kuntz.

Hardin Senior Center menu:

Thursday, Oct. 11 – Mexican rice, vegetables, salad, dessert
Friday, Oct. 12 – Chicken burgers, chips and dip, veggie tray, dessert
Monday, Oct. 15 – Goulash, vegetable, dessert
Tuesday, Oct. 16 – Pork & cabbage, soup and sandwich, desert
Wednesday, Oct. 17 – barbeque chicken, cake and ice cream
Thursday, Oct. 18 – French toast, sausage, fruit

Lodge Grass Senior Center menu:

Friday, Oct. 12 – Chicken & noodles, dinner roll, jello and fruit, peanut butter cookie
Monday, Oct. 15 – Hot hamburger sandwich, fries, green beans, bread pudding
Wednesday, Oct. 17 – Chicken fried steak