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Thursday, November 8, 2018
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Clifford and Margaret Arbogast

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The November Photo of the Month is of Margaret and Clifford Arbogast Jr. We enjoy the photos they share each month and this year, on Nov. 10, it is their 62nd wedding anniversary. They are a perfectly compatible couple, and this is the story of their life together as written by Margaret:

Sixty-two years ago, in October 1955, we met in the biology class at Hardin High School. We dated for a year before getting married on Nov. 10, 1956 at the First Baptist Church in Billings.

“First, we lived in Laurel, then Harlowton, while Cliff was employed by Continental Oil Company; then to Stanley, North Dakota where he worked for Worly & Harold Oil Drilling Company; then back to Hardin in 1957, where we have lived ever since. He was employed by Chet Raup Ready Mix for a number of years, going to work for the National Park Service at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in 1965 and retiring from there in 2001. I worked at the Purple Cow for a short time and I also worked at the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Department, retiring from there.

“We both were born at home. Cliff was born here at Hardin and I on a ranch near Garryowen. We have three children. We were teenagers when our oldest son Duane was born, then our second son Jim and our daughter Donna, the baby of the family. All three are very successful. Duane works at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas as a computer programmer. Jim lives and works in Wheatland, Wyoming at the Laramie River Power Plant as a Control Room Operator. Donna lives in Eugene, Oregon. She is the Director of Sales and Marketing for a National Senior Living Company.

“We have three granddaughters Nicole, Kathleen and Christine and one grandson Marc, a greatgrandson Daniel Michael Landrum and a greatgranddaughter Katherine Nicole Landrum.

We have been to all of the lower 48 states and Canada. One of the saddest things we have seen was the Oklahoma Memorial. On one of our trips to Texas to visit our son, we stopped to tour the place shortly after the memorial was built. That place will make you feel like your heart is in your throat and you’ll have to choke back the tears. So sad.

“During our travels we have been to many of the national parks, national monuments and historical sites. One of the very prettiest places we have been was the Butchart Gardens at Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. There we saw hundreds of thousands of flowers of all kinds. We spent such a beautiful peaceful day there, only to be back in the states the next day to wake up to news of 9/11. The whole world changed that day in 2001. We don’t feel so safe to travel anymore.

“For our 50th wedding anniversary, we took a trip to see Niagara Falls and the Statue of Liberty. While we were in New York we went to view the 9/11 ruins. They were still cleaning up the site. It was surreal looking down at the site as the horrible event went racing through our minds, and we visualized all that happened there from seeing it all go down on TV. We went to the church where the debris fell in the yard. They had made a memorial there. It will tear your heart out seeing photos of some of the people lost their lives that horrible day.

One of our very favorite things to do is go for drives in the country. We have seen so many different kinds of birds and animals. Of course, we always have our cameras with us and have some special photos of them along with the beautiful scenery–so much to see on a beautiful winter morning with the frost hanging heavy on the bushes and trees along the rivers, beautiful spring flowers blanketing the mountain sides in spring, or a new born foal running and playing in the warm spring air so innocent and free. The streams and rivers on a lazy summer day and the beautiful fall colors of autumn are lovely sights to experience.

“I always have loved flowers, and I’ve enjoyed working in the flowerbeds. It worked out perfectly as Cliff also loves flowers, and he helped me with the flowerbeds and yard work. We have plans to do more traveling and enjoying our Golden Years.”

Stop in at the Hardin senior center to view the Anniversary Portrait.

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