Abree Glory Amyotte

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Abree Glory Amyotte

Abree “The Baby” Glory fulfilled her purpose on earth in the short ten months here with her loved ones, she was born in the wintery month of January 8, 2020, sharing the same birthdate with her maternal grandpa, Dewey, and Elvis Presley.

Little did we know that she would touch so many lives, her smile would light up the whole room bringing with her blessings to all she encountered. We lost our little darling on November 11, 2020, Abree

“The baby, she’s such a pretty lady” was the youngest of three girls, she was affectionally nicknamed “AB Baby” by her sister Mireya, a kaale’s girl, she was mom’s “Calm in the Storm,” a niece, a granddaughter, and now our little angel.

Abree was tremendously loved by her momma and dadda, her aunties, uncles, kaales and all her cousins. She was a member of the Big Lodge Clan and child of Ties the Bundle Clan. She made her home in Billings with her mom and sisters, she would make her way by crawling to everyone and eating off their plates, she loved chocolate, and she would growl as if she was the most scariest person.

She was beginning her first steps of life. The family looked forward to watching her grow and learning new things every day, most importantly mom, sisters and dad will miss her dance moves while watching “Cocomelons” and “Trolls 2” that would run throughout the day, never tiring of the movie.

She hardly cried unless she needed her paci, bottle or a diaper change. She was an easy caring baby for mom. She loved to cuddle throughout the day, one of her favorite position was to get as close as she could to mom. AB Baby would get so excited when she noticed auntie CeCe was in the room, her eyes would light up and she would crawl as fast as she could to get her hugs. Abree was to receive her Apsáalooke name on her 1st birthday by great-grandmother Lydia Birdinground. She knew she was loved by all.

Abree is preceded in death by her papa Dewey Bear Don’t Walk Sr.; maternal great-grandparents, Joseph Alden Sr. and Ruth Backbone Alden, Oliver Bear Don’t Walk Jr. and Clara Mae Hill Bear Don’t Walk, and Debbie Howe-Yarlott; paternal great-grandparents, Charlie and Bernice Jefferson; uncles, Christopher Bear Don’t Walk, Shylon Alden, Greg, Alvin and Indian Three Irons, and Gary Joe Whiteman; aunties, Brandi Alden and Rhea Plenty Hawk, cousins, Ayanna and Phoenix Amyotte; grandparents, Lavonne Tall Bear, Sharon Bear Don’t Walk, Leann Old Bull, Joe, Belo and Alvin Alden, and Ronald Falls Down.

Abree “The Glorious” is survived by her mother, Christina Bear Don’t Walk; father, Paul Amyotte; sisters, McKinzley, Mireya, Angel, Violet Jay, Marley, Kaci, Kaya, Alvina, Alayna, Bailey, Bryce, Katelyn, Blossom, Blessing, Imani, Charlie, Selah, Corlene, Alejandra, Krystal, Kyra, Caelyn, Cayton, Kesdyn, Paris, MyLeah, Cassidy, Cheyenne, Malayah, Ramira, Isla, Saellah, Kaidance, SKwNKwINM, Evelyn, Tiyanna, Ava, Enaeah, Dakota, Zavier, Zechaya, Athena, Adrianna, Kelsey, Adriel, Ariella and Jersey Bay; brothers, Westin, Maysen, Brody, Titus, Liam, Adrix, Daien, Tyan, Gregory Maddox, Jaxon, Rope Tie, Nicolis, Hance, Chance, Justin, Kade, Kenzyn, Quincey Jr., Jonah, Josiah, Caidence, Hunter, Jeremyah, Larkin Jr., Alonzo, Lyrix, Baby Bruce and Chance Alden, Zeke, Hazen and Reece; adopted parents, Larkin and April Chandler; Godparents, Cecelia and Payson Gardner; grandparents, Laurie Alden, William and Barbara Gardner, Clinton and Sherry House, Clarence and Joselyn Three Irons, Dean and Lydia Hill, Oliver Bear Don’t Walk III, Charlene Alden, Clara, Frances, Daphne Alden, Dana and Anita Old Coyote, Preston (Maria) and Thomas Onion, Moses Tall Bear, Stephanie Amyotte, Carlene Jefferson, Carrie and Jose Madena, Kade and Londa Baker, Autumn, Lissa and Jolee Whiteclay, Tony and Alma Davis, Elsie Half, Johnann Hogan, Dexter and Roxy Falls Down, David and Beth Yarlott, Junior and Georgette Old Crow, and Rosella Bear Don’t Walk; great-grandparents, Maxine Jefferson, Lauren, Lori and Rosalene Old Bear, Karen Bird Hat, Lydia (Eugene) Birdinground and Dorthea Dust; aunties, SharaRose and Tania Bear Don’t Walk, Chantel Hill, Majel Amyotte, Tashalei Nomee, Miriam, Rhianna, and Shar House, Faylene (John) Caplett, Ada Morrison, Lauri Dawn Kindness, Ivy (Marlon) Three Irons, Shannon (Kevin) Pretty On Top, Stormey (Matt) Spotted Bear, Laura (Jace) Real Bird, Marley Birdinground, Neva (Gary) and Rosie Tall Bear, Delmyrna Spotted Horse, Venessa Leider, Nikki Hurshburger, Kayleigh (Ian) White, Mikayla (Steffan) Walks Over Ice, Victoria, Peyton, Remembrance, and Tyerra Three Irons, Whitney, BrieAnna Stewart, Camille Whiteman, Tylynn Takes The Knife, Krystal (Paul) Hill, Leslie (Clayton) Neiss, Shannon (Henry) Wilson, Sharon Whitemanrunshim, Polly (Ellsworth) Decrane, Rochelle (Eugene) Deputy, Michelle (Coolidge) Jefferson, Nema (Charlie) Alden-Scott, Elisha Yarlott, Tammy (Alan) Knows His Gun, Shaleen (Grinell) Kills Night, Vanessa (Josh) Old Coyote-Smith, Olivia Dawn, Desiree, Tina Bear Don’t Walk, Genesis and Cheinah Bad Bear, Molly (Sergio) Trocha, Danetta (Chris) Horn, Nancy, Charla, Bobbi, Johni, Ava and Genda Half and Carrie Hugs; uncles, Adrian, Randy, Dewey Jr. (Shar) Bear Don’t Walk, Lydale, Wade (Cody) Gardner, Todd (Erianne) and Robert (Courtney) Amyotte, Cameron (Tena) and Clayton Three Irons, Andrew Half, Shane (Sherry) Little Bear, Everett “EJ” Storm, Manuel (Mary) and Tommy (Verlee) Whiteman, Dee Tall Bear, Joe (Hydee) Kindness, Marcus (Fran) Old Coyote, Kevin, Mike and Ron Buck Elk, Joe “JP” Alden III, Josh (Audrie) Buffalo, Mikey (Marina) Christian, Christian House, Jesse (Tylynn) Old Crow, Ashton and Bleau Bad Bear, Beau (Whisper) and Eli Venne, and Ethaniel DeCrane.

Extended family and friends include the Backbone, Alden, Bear Don’t Walk, Falls Down, Left Hand, Hill, Morning, House, Bear Crane, Plenty Hawk, Pretty Weasel, Pretty On Top, Buffalo, Birdinground, Morrison, LaForge, Old Elk, Hunts the Arrow, Moccasin, Carpenter, Shane, Bullshields, Whitegrass, Small Eyes, Horn, Bearclaw, Little Light, Amyotte, and Goes Ahead families. Please excuse the family if we’ve forgotten anyone, our family is large.

On behalf of our little angel, we would like to thank Billings Fire Department, St. Vincent’s ICU department, Dr. Fry, Respiratory Therapist Andrew, Nurses Melissa and Angelica, Billings EMT and Billings Police Department.

Funeral service was held on Nov. at Bullis Funeral Chapel in Hardin, Montana. Burial followed at Lodge Grass Cemetery.

Bullis Mortuary was entrusted with the arrangements.