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57 Lodge Grass students make third quarter honor roll

Fifty-seven students from Lodge Grass Middle and High School earned the 3.0 grade-point average or above necessary to get a spot on the third quarter honor roll. Lodge Grass Middle School’s eighth graders were the top recipients, with 16 students achieving high marks.

Honor roll results are shown below

Seventh Grade

James Brown, William Covers Up, Konner Doyle, Sheridan Ellsworth, Lilly Holloway, Christian Malachi Joel Kelly, Drew Clement Nomee, Woodrow Pretty On Top, Orie Reed, Vydel Ramos and Robbie Stewart

Eighth Grade

David Dust, Alexsis Hernandez, Anthony Hernandez, Jordan Jefferson, Gabriel Kelly-Old Bull, Cadence Kindness, Jayden Left Hand, Tyressa Pretty On Top, Shantel Pretty On Top, Zeikal Red Star, Trevonna Reed, Shylee Rides Horse, Aaliyah Stewart, Drew Cassidy Stewart, Randey Cole Wolf Black and Ashton Yarlott

Ninth Grade

Solomon Blacksmith, Christian Fighter, Gregory Hogan III, Malachi Little Nest, Alayna Old Horn, Victor, Elias Al Stewart and Lorraine Turns Plenty

10th Grade

Katelyn Ross Asencio, Manuel Backbone, Aaron Birdinground, Vanessa Chavez, Saphara Little Nest, Velma Springfield, Rope Tie Three Irons, Ramon J. White Jr. and Taina Young Running Crane

11th Grade

Alyssa Joelle Deputee, Judith Jerry, Kellie P. Old Elk, Henry Pretty On Top, Jeremy Thomas Pretty Paint, Izabella Simona Villegas and Dacee Noelle Whiteman

12th Grade

Antonia Nomee, Gus Old Bear, Beau Plenty Hawk, Raykwon Red Star, Aleigha Spotted Horse and Tavia Torralba


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