2019 Junior Handgames

53rd Annual Junior Handgame Tournament Results
Thursday, May 2, 2019
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Reno singers raise their drums to celebrate winning a point against Big Horn in game 3.

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Pryor singers rally their team in game 2 against Blacklodge, who went on to win the tournament.

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Wyola women cheer on their team and tease the Northern Cheyenne team in game 12.

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No Water women shake their rattles against Pryor in game 9.

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Blacklodge head guesser Fred Alden IV concentrates while guessing against Pryor in game 2.

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Players on the Rivercrow (left) and Reno teams face off against each other in game 11.

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Medicine man for No Water Tai’Vian Brady prepares to distribute the bones to distribute to his team to hide against Pryor in game 9.

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Pryor player CaMeila Old Elk shakes her rattle. The 2-year-old was one of many toddlers and babies that played in the tournament, which is open to people 30 and younger.

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After game 2, LaRoan Other Medicine, 2, takes a break from playing with her friends.

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Big Horn boys, from left, D’Andre Turnsplenty, Quentin Gets Down Often, Tayvin Turnsplenty sit in the guesser’s row. The young players often watch and imitate the movements of the older players.


Photos by Luella Brien Page Design by Jim Eshleman

Tournament Champion: Blacklodge

Best Singers: Blacklodge

Best Design: Blacklodge by Scotty Dawes

High Point Man: James Little Bird

High Point Woman: Amberly Shigley and Kathryn Bearchum

Fanciest Hider: Talen Alden

Most Valuable Player: Alvie Old Coyote

Best Backup Singers: Micah Beth Other Medicine, Reshuan Sees The Ground, Etheleen Mountain Sheep, Bethany Rides Horse

Most Respectful: Kailyn Old Crow

Best Cheerleader: Tionna Horn

Beat Medicine Man: Reggie Flatmouth

Best Guesser: Fred Alden IV

Second Guesser: Frank Rides Horse

Third Guesser: Mugga Rides Horse

Fourth Guesser: ToneTone Phelan

Fifth Guesser: Simba Rides Horse

Longest Crow Style Braids on the Championship Team: Emily Not Afraid

Feistiest Cheerleader: Carly Eastman

Singing with a smile: Tristy Horn