‘Tis the season to be scary

Literary Junction
Thursday, October 11, 2018

Our Halloween display is up and everyone knows what that means…Only 76 more shopping days until Christmas. If you’re like me, you simply enjoy this time of year.

The weather is cooling down, and frankly, I enjoy weather that requires a sweater and hat. The leaves are changing, creating some brilliantly beautiful scenes. And on top of all that, here are my three favorite holidays all lined up in a row.

We will get to Thanksgiving and Christmas another day, but today I want to focus on Halloween.

I definitely love Halloween and so do the others at the Big Horn County Library. Every August, Donelle brings in the Grandin Road catalog for us to peruse, and decide if we need to add to our decorations stash or if we can get by with what we have already. We look at it early to make sure we get everything ordered with enough time to receive it before October. This past week, we put up our decorations and I have to say, we really outdid ourselves this year.

Our blues harmonicaplaying skeleton is back on the ledge for another year of entertaining anyone who claps loud enough. We also welcome back the bats, flying up out of the cauldron, and the “wicked” crows perched on pumpkins. New this year is our haunted mirror in front of Donelle’s office, and Ernie, the bat skeleton hanging from her doorway. In addition, we also have some mice who have shed their flesh, but aren’t quite ready for the grave yet. Last, but certainly not least, is our squawking raven fittingly perched atop several works by Edgar A. Poe.

Be sure to come in and take a look at all the decorations, and while you’re here, maybe you can find a particularly haunting book to go along with the Halloween theme.

Don’t forget about new author Kelsey Keating, visiting next Friday, Oct. 19. Once again, she’ll be at the Big Horn County Library from 3-5 p.m. Everyone is invited free of charge. Come and get to know this young, up-and-coming author.