‘Liberal listener’ critiques ‘Simply Biased’ take on gun violence

Letter to the Editor
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I read your “Simply Biased” column “Guns aren’t the problem, the media is.” I know this is on the Opinion page, so I understand your (conservative) opinion on gun issues is strong. So is mine (liberal) on the subject. I’m one of the “liberal listeners.”

I’m sure you knew my mother, Helen Peterson, also a strong liberal. She was a strong defender of news, not fake news. She also had a column and byline, similar to yours. It was “Strictly Biased” by HMP.

When did the Big Horn County News become not a part of the media? Wow, I missed that. I know it is popular to bash the “mainstream media” as fake news.

I’m not ashamed to be part of the “pro-gun control” movement. I don’t need a detailed description of an assault weapon (or a muffler for that matter) to know that an assault weapons ban is not equal to taking away all guns and/or abolishing the Second Amendment. Assault weapons are used in most of the tragic mass murders in our country.

I also know that most gun deaths in this nation – at least two-thirds – are, unfortunately, suicides. Less easy access to guns, particularly handguns, definitely would impact that statistic.

What gun-free zones would you like to eliminate? Schools? Concerts? Restaurants? Airplanes? Airports? Churches? Businesses? Government buildings?

Hjordis (Peterson)