Torrey Anderson

Torrey Anderson shows off his completed challenge checklist.

As years go by, I look at who I am. We all go through times and trials and endless seas of responsibilities that don’t leave much room to think about ourselves. As a single parent for many years, I began to notice a few things. My energy, motivation, and general sense of well-being was slowly disappearing. I was also getting progressively larger, and felt profoundly and morbidly depressed.

Last summer, I felt my breathing becoming restricted. I was working a lot of hours, where I had a great deal of physical activity, but I would come home and just sit in front of the television, stuffing my face with all the carbohydrates I could get my hands on. I was also a heavy nicotine vape user. In May, after a few weeks of mostly sitting and eating after my workplace closed, I felt an extreme tightness in my chest. It wasn’t a heart attack, but it was something almost as dangerous. Both of my lungs had been infiltrated by blood clots. The doctor who saw me in the emergency room told me it was the worst case of blood clots in a person’s lungs he had ever seen in his 30-year career. So much for not scaring my kids.

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