Saturday, March 17, 2018

Joe Purcell

Purcell elected Mayor of Hardin

With about 50 percent voter turnout, Joe Purcell was elected Mayor of Hardin with 357 votes. Purcell, a write-in candidate, defeated Debbie Winburn who had 308 votes and Dallas Eidem with 58. According to Election Administrator Dulcie Bear Don’t Walk, voter turnout was up for an off-year election. “Normally, it has been closer to 35 percent,” she said.
In Ward 1 and 2, Karen Molina and Clayton Greer ran unopposed. Molina had 154 votes and Greer 165.
In Ward 3, Alderman Harry Kautzman retained his seat, defeating Bill Hodges 167 to 136.
Voters also approved the South Park land donation to the Big Horn Hospital Association 373 to 328.
In Lodge Grass, write-in candidate James Quincy Dabney won with 42 votes, defeating Birdie Lion Shows with 15, Daryl Bends with 31 and Lola Olenty Hawk Castro with 9.
In the alderman race to fill two positions BethYana Pease garnered 69 votes and Lanile Lion Shows 26, filling those seats. Dana Bartlett had 19 votes. Voter turnout in Lodge Grass was 35 percent.